Into The Magic Space

A solo exhibition, Arthur Bruso

May 1 – June 30, 2007

Into the Magic Space was the first series to develop out of Association Sublimation. I began with the idea to visually highlight associations between separate images. For example, the first piece in the series, Entropic Inertia, is comprised of three photographs. Two are interior views of a dilapidated shed, and one is the exterior. In all of these images–the sunlight hitting the interior wall, the area outside seen through the doorway, and finally the place over the wall in the exterior image–it’s the suggestion of a space beyond that intrigued me. This seemed like a magical space, a space of possibility, a space where transformation was possible. That idea gave me the title of the series.

Into the Magic Space – No. 3 – New Creation Through a Quasar, Photographs with hand color, 1 x 2 inches.

The series is also informed by laws of the physical universe. The decaying shed suggested entropy; how things fall apart and disorder is the rule. All of the images in the series correlated to theories of astronomy and the processes of the universe. The colored areas provide the clues for the magic space. The color transforms the mundane into the place of interest, the place where the real transforms into the conceptual.

The series is dedicated to Kinsey Baker – “Gone to meet the King.”

—Arthur Bruso