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We’re incredibly honored to have been invited to curate an exhibition to honor Georgia Brooks at the Dineen Hull Gallery at Hudson County Community College. As an LGBTQIA+ advocate Georgia Brooks worked actively to ensure the dignity and equality of all people. Our theme and approach to the exhibition are directly inspired by Georgia Brooks. The exhibition will be curated from an open call. The complete details are below. —Arthur Bruso & Raymond E. Mingst


The Georgia Brooks LGBTQIA Exhibition


LOCATION: Benjamin J. Dineen, III and Dennis C. Hull Gallery, Hudson County Community College, Jersey City, NJ

ENTRIES DUE: Thursday, February 9, 2017, 5pm EST

EXHIBITION DATES: March 3, 2017 – April 19, 2017

GEORGIA BROOKS: Georgia Brooks was a lesbian and an advocate for LGBTQIA rights and worked actively to ensure the dignity and equality of everyone. She was a Hudson County Community College Academic Lab Manager and advisor for the Gay-Straight Alliance. Ms. Brooks passed away in November 2013 and her inspirational work at HCCC is honored each year with The Georgia Brooks Stonewall Celebration Project.

EXHIBITION THEME: The inspiration for this exhibition comes directly from Georgia Brooks. As a young woman Ms. Brooks was looking for something that would validate her awareness of her identity. She had heard that you could find anything on 42nd Street in New York City. So, she set out to find some books — books that she might somehow relate to as a lesbian. What she found where pulp novels that traded in stereotypes and a prevailing sense of internalized shame. One of those novels was Carla. The cover read, “to the world a lass, to her lovers butch, to herself tramp.” In a HCCC interview Georgia Brooks said, “It’s unfortunate that she felt herself a tramp, because for me she’s an example.” Ms. Brooks found the books, “helped me to not feel isolated and gave me hope that I might find a lesbian, or some lesbians, so eventually I found a lot of them. So, those were the days.”

The LGBTQIA community, and minorities of every stripe continue to struggle to find cultural touchstones that resonate; to find ourselves reflected in the culture at large. When we discover or discern a hint that there are others like ourselves, sometimes these messages are coded, discreet or even far from admirable and supportive of our sense of identity. But, even a flawed representation gives us hope, as Ms. Brooks had found. This exhibition is an exploration of the myriad ways we’ve identified or found ourselves reflected in the world and made a place for ourselves.

EXHIBITION CONTENT/SUBMISSIONS: The exhibition will include visual art as well as a range of artifacts. Submissions may include artwork, artifacts, or both.

VISUAL ART: The curators welcome broad interpretations of the theme. Conceptual responses are very welcome. All mediums will be considered.

ARTIFACTS: This aspect of the exhibition is open to writers, musicians and others in cultural fields. The artifacts may be books, like those found by Ms. Brooks, magazines, newspaper clippings, diary entries, lists, tickets, records or cds, images, photos or postcards. For objects that may no longer be extant, drawings, photos or even recreations will be considered. The artifacts may be virtually anything mined from the broad cultural cacophony. We looking for those touchstones that were seminal to the awareness of our LGBTQIA selves reflected in the world.

CURATION: The exhibition is curated from the open call. This approach is distinct from a juried exhibition. The curators approach the open call as an opportunity to look beyond established networks to bring together a diverse group of artists. The curation team is rigorous in the service of the artists, the exhibition and audience. In addition to the quality of the work, balance, space and other factors influence final selections. This means some excellent and appropriate work may not ultimately be included. We hope all the artists submitting work understand this and continue to respond to future calls.

MEDIUMS/DIMENSIONS: All mediums/objects will be considered. Please provide accurate dimensions and installation views if needed. (Please include framed/final installation dimensions. Work that does not match the dimensions submitted may be excluded from exhibition.)

ELIGIBILITY: All artists working in any medium. LGBTQIA identifying people and Hudson region residents are encouraged to apply.


DEADLINE: Entries must be received no later than Thursday, February 9, 2017, 5pm EST.

SUBMISSIONS: Please include all information. Late, incomplete, or web link submissions will not be considered or responded to. (Exception: video artists may include online links to their work. Video artists must provide all necessary equipment to show their work and submission must include an installation view.)

  1. Up to 5 images. Images must be in JPEG or PDF format, resolution set to 72 dpi, no larger than 800 X 800 pixels and no larger than 2MB. Please number images to correspond to Image List.
  2. Image list. Numbered to correspond with your image submissions. For Artworks: include image #, your name, title, date of work, media, framed size. For Artifacts: include image #, your name, title or description of object/artifact, include date if known and dimensions. You may include a brief description for each image, however this isn’t required.
  3. One page résumé and 3-line bio. Include your contact information and an email address.
  4. Artist’s statement, or statement about the artifact submitted and it’s significance. No longer than 1 page.

NOTIFICATION: Accepted artists will be notified via email by February 13, 2017. NOTE: Accepted artists/participants must confirm their participation and ability to meet all deadlines by February 15, 2017. The artist or the artist’s representative must meet all deadline dates, including drop off and pickup. We cannot offer alternative dates/times.

DROP OFF DATES: February 21, 2017 – February 24, 2017, 9-5pm

PICK UP: April 20 – April 21, 2017, 9-5pm






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